Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is a full body exercise that delivers a very dynamic workout. If you play challenging sports or your'e in a physical conflict or just like a good workout you use your entire body to maximize your performance or defend itself, and that is what Kettlebell training promotes by increased strength without the bulky muscle mass, speed in movement, improved flexibility with mobility and range of motion, increased stamina while strengthening the cardiovascular system. Working aerobic and anaerobics for a complete well rounded workout. It's also great for improving other sports performance.

The history of Kettlebells comes from a traditional Russian training system used to develop full body conditioning and fitness. 

The movement and mechanics of these techniques are very simple to perform. The workouts are only 30 min. long but you leave feeling like you just had the best workout of your life.

Kettlebells are for both men and women.


The instructor for the kettlebell classes is Darryl Hinthorne who is a certified kettlebell teacher under Steve Cotter IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation) Who is renowned world wide for kettlebell instructional training. The first class is free to anyone wanting to try it out and see for themselves what a great way to get back in shape.