Martial Arts Training         

The training at Kenpo Martial Arts Center teaches the student techniques and skills on how to defend themselves from either armed or unarmed attackers. It also instills the confidence and discipline to practice these skills making them as effective as possible. Classes are also designed to encourage respect, effort, etiiquette, sincerity, character and above all discipline and self-control. We also compete in tournaments and belong to the World Martial Arts Federation which holds 2 tournaments a year in Boston, MA and we also compete in other local tournaments. The training here is a great way for all ages to get in shape and to also challenge yourself physically and mentally.  Each group class is 1 hour long and covers a variety of topics about self-defense. Weapon forms are also taught here and used in competitions. Because we offer so many classes the class size is usually moderate with plenty of instructors to assist on busy days when needed. We also offer free trials for anyone interested, just call and ask.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are a 1 on 1 lesson with the Master instructor. These are designed to give the student personalized attention and focus on your specific concerns, needs, strengths, weaknesses and tailoring your training to any goals that you are trying to achieve.

Group Lessons:

These lessons are in group format with multiple students. You are sometimes paired off with students of your own caliper and size and sometimes you are not. Every student has certain strengths and weakness that challange other students abilities helping each other to learn and develop their own skills. All students need to be challenged now and then to push progression. Whats good with group lessons is learning that not everything works on everybody, so variety in pairing off with different people helps to discover and overcome that.


This type of training students like because whatever questions or concerns that might develop from their group lessons can be confronted in a private matter during their private lesson. We encourage questions but some students feel uneasy asking questions in a group setting. Students who take advantage of the private/group lessons respond faster to their training.